Save the Seeds

If you are reading this you have received your save the date and ventured onto our website. Great work; you’ve done the right thing. Save the webpage, set it as your favourites, your home page, whatever you need to do to make sure you stay up to date with the latest news. I know, it’s all very exciting and we’re SO happy to have you along this journey with us.

Now, those seeds in your save the date. Keep them safe, it’s VERY important that you do the following: put the envelope, unopened, into your sock drawer. That’s right. Into the sock drawer they go. And do you know why? Because what do you ever lose in your sock drawer?! I mean, apart from the matching pair to your sock. We will let you know when you need to take this out and plant the seeds so they bloom in time for the wedding. Then, what you need to do is bring those potted plants (so choose your pot wisely) to our wedding to help decorate the festival field. You can paint your pot, decorate it, choose big or small (as long as you can transport it!), whatever you feel – we don’t mind, we just want to surround ourselves with the love you’ve given to these plants to grow for our wedding. You will be allowed to take the plants home and keep them forever and ever.

That’s all we have to say for now apart from this: we hope you are able to join us for what will probably be the highlight of our lives and that we can share the love with you. Thank you.  

Love to the Macs,