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Welcome to MacFest; a festival wedding on 22nd August 2020 to celebrate the marriage of Stephanie Fitchett and Robert Mackenzie. 

We’re so excited to invite you to celebrate us tying the knot next year and can’t wait to see you all there. Please use this website as a hub for our wedding and soon it will be filled with everything you need to know!  

Until then, please register your email for your official invite and whether you would be interested (at this stage) in camping.

All details will be confirmed nearer the time. 

What’s the Story?

On 19th February 2016 Rob and Stevie first met at a Khamsina gig at the O2 in Oxford. A few days later, Rob took Stevie to an aquarium (which totally wasn’t a date!!) and then another few days later they went on a walking tour around Oxford together (okay, this one was a date), paid for with a bus voucher… Later that evening, some might say Stevie pushed Rob over ice skating…but this would be a lie, he definitely fell… and on 29th February (a leap year!) they became official – as all the kids say these days. They never looked back. They spent the next few years travelling, listening and watching music, growing plants, buying more and more fish and borrowing books… Then, on 4th May, at around 10pm, Rob made Stevie star gaze with some binoculars in a dense Welsh forest (if that wasn’t a big enough clue, then I don’t what is), before directing her attention to a handmade replica of the moon glowing among the trees. It read ‘Stevie, Will You Marry Me?’ and as she pulled the binoculars away, Rob was on one knee holding a ring. He recited a poem he had written (of questionable quality and with a few lies) (I mean, no one can get to the moon on a big balloon but anyway, I digress..) and with a beaming smile, she didn’t say anything. Nope, she forgot to reply. But eventually, with a bit of a prompt, she said yes. And the rest, as they say, is history. But first, we must start the future with a festival wedding! See you there!